The works of artist Frank Gerritz are characterized by a special materiality and highly precise surface design. The artist, who studied sculpture, creates (wall) sculptures of clear geometric forms with graphite on MDF panels, with paintstick on aluminium and makes (large format) drawings. These are abstract, strictly conceptual works, which nevertheless start from and refer back to the human being.

From the beginning the artist has defined his parameters, which he derives from an average physicality. Gerritz’s art is primarily concerned with centres and edges, lines and corporeal surfaces, the definition of volume and space. In doing so, he virtuously plays the contrasting pairs of light and dark, horizontal and vertical direction, fleeing and centring forces.

Yet he always adheres to a thought-out geometric grid as well as to square and rectangle. His works may initially remind us of works of Minimalism, but they are exactly the opposite. Their quality, for all their precision, is based on the sensuality of life.

Frank Gerritz was awarded the Edwin Scharff Prize Hamburg in 2010. His work has been shown in numerous international museum and gallery exhibitions since the late 1980s.