Galerie 3

Patrick Roman Scherer

Born in Kufstein



Born 1988 in Kufstein, Tirol.
Works and lives in Vienna.

Artist Statement
I prefer to work with
pencil on paper. Ignoring colour permits me to focus very intensely on
the line and to drift impulsively between pictorial worlds of different
origins without an excessive impact of colour effects on what is
Every piece tells its own story, informed by observations,
experiences and sensations. I approach different subjects and materials
in different modes of expression in my drawings. The interaction
between intensity and subtle hinting animates the series pictorial and
symbolic landscapes. My idea of adding another dimension to the image
surface motivated me to work with and around objects. Their motifs may
blend or jar with the background. Traditional patterns, realistic
effigies or quickly jotted-down ideas appear without any particular
preference on my part. Random order develops beyond the confines of any
hierarchy principle.