Galerie Filser & Gräf presents the first solo exhibition of the artist Johanna Flammer in Munich. On display in the exhibition are works on canvas as well as ceramic objects from the current creative period of the last three years.

Johanna Flammer studied from 2006 to 2010 at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in the class of Martin Gostner. She has worked as an assistant to Imi Knoebel since 2010. She has been a lecturer at the Allgäu Art Academy since 2019 and teaches painting at the Düsseldorf Design University. Johanna Flammer is the winner of the Blooom Award at ART FAIR Cologne (2012) and received the Woldemar Winkler Prize in 2023. She lives and works in Düsseldorf.

Johanna Flammer’s paintings are characterized by a painterly collage. Transformation landscapes of constructed brushstrokes lead the eye to motifs of supposed nature. (…) She reveals new, lively patterns that are diversely perceptible. She breaks up the supposedly informal through the sculptural treatment of the fragments and the collage. Landscapes and organic forms open up, which are technically interlocked.

NODI is the title of her group of works. The term emphasizes the dialogue with nature. Nodi refers to the nodes on plants that give rise to new stems and leaves. They illustrate growth towards the light and photosynthesis. (…) She creates forms that remind us of nature and landscape and yet are hardly comparable. Staggered tectonics in a picturesque culmination. The hair and the landscape, photo and imagination. Surreal landscape between abstraction and nature. > Excerpt by Wilko Austermann; text in the “Heimatblau” catalog