his exhibition is dedicated to the memory of art and art history in contemporary visual language, which these two young artists reflect in an extraordinary, humorous and aesthetically very convincing way.

The well-known German art historian Aby Warburg made Mnemosyne, the mythological goddess of memory, the godmother of his milestone project, which he began in 1924 and was intended to be a kind of atlas and archive of pictorial formulas. Warburg collected and examined pictorial motifs that have survived in the most diverse metamorphoses and variations from antiquity to contemporary art.

Sebastian Maas and Christian Probst thematize, celebrate and question the reference to the so-called classical motifs and pictorial protagonists. From all the inexhaustible repertoire of images that the history of art has left us, they manage to write their own, unmistakable pictorial history. In this they link the past, the present and the future of art.