Mia Florentine Weiss


Mia Florentine Weiss (*1980 Würzburg) is a German-born performative conceptual artist. Her work encompasses various artistic disciplines such as performance, text, blood, installation, sculpture, objéts trouves, photography and film.


Ausstellung mit Google Arts and Culture in Planung. Unter dem Motto „if you can’t go out go in“ entsteht derzeit eine digitale Ausstellung der Künstlerin in Kooperation mit Google. Ein virtueller Rundgang durch ihre diversen Arbeiten. Die Idee entstand aus dem Bedürfnis heraus, in der aktuellen Lage neue digitale Denkräume zu schaffen, in die Menschen hineingehen können, so sie doch derzeit nicht hinaus gehen können, um Kunst zu erleben.

KREUZ WEG, (#LOVEUROPE), Einzelausstellung Stadtmuseum Berlin in Kooperation mit der Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin unter der kuratorischen Leitung von Paul Spies (unterstützt durch den Hauptstadtkulturfonds des Landes Berlin unter Senator Dr. Klaus Lederer und Kulturministerin Monika Grütters. Schirmherrschaft hat das Digitalministerium unter der Leitung von MdB Dorothee Bär, Berlin

LOVE HATE am Brandenburger Tor, temporär, Berlin

#LOVEUROPE, seit 2018 fortlaufende proeuropäische Kampagne mit der LOVE HATE Skulptur in verschiedenen Ländern in und außerhalb Europas: Deutschland, Frankreich, Russland, Tschechien etc.

LOVE HATE, Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, München

BREAKING NEWS, Gruppenausstellung im Möncheberg Museum, Goslar

LOVE HATE, Siegestor, München

SCOPE, Art Basel, Gruppenausstellung Urban Nation Museum for Contemporary Art, Basel

MEMENTO MORI II, Einzelausstellung im Hubert Burda Media Verlag mit Dr. Thomas Girst (Kulturmanagement BMW), München

SEVEN DAYS LEFT, Performance, Art Innsbruck, Innsbruck

NOW WON, Lichtinstallation Reichstag, temporär, Berlin

MEMENTO MORI I, Einzelausstellung Galerie Friedman-Hahn, Eröffnung mit Sotheby’s Europe im Atelier der Künstlerin, Berlin

CONTEXT, Gruppenausstellung, Art Miami, Miami, USA

WUNDERKAMMER, Sonderausstellung Galerie Friedmann-Hahn, Berlin

PEGASUS, Installation im Staatsratsgebäude (ESMT), Berlin

ANTHROPOCENE, Performance, Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt/Main

ANGEL SOLDIER, Performance, Art Innsbruck, Österreich

FOREVER TEMPORARY, Einzelausstellung, Artdepot, Innsbruck und Kitzbühel

SOTHERBY’S EUROPE, Young Collector’s Club, Atelier Frankfurt/Main


DER NABEL DER WELT (Umblicius Mundi), Sonderausstellung Senckenberg Museum Frankfurt/Main

HOMMAGE TO PEGASUS, Einzelausstellung Galerie J. Falckenberg (Unique Art Concepts), Hamburg

THE PEGASUS PROJECT, Einzelausstellung Associazione Culturale Italo-Tedesca | Venezia, (ACIT), Palazzo Albrizzi, Venedig parallel zur 56. Biennale di Venezia, Venedig

POSITIONS, Gruppenausstellung, Berlin

ART VIENNA, Gruppenausstellung, Wien


MIDNIGHT, Gruppenausstellung, Galerie J. Falckenberg, Hamburg

HOLLYWOOD SOUVENIERS, Einzelausstellung, Artdepot, Kitzbühel


SYMPOSIUM 3.7, Einzelausstellung, Epicentro Art, Berlin

WHAT IS YOUR PLACE OF PROTECTION?, Videoinstallation, Staatstheater, Karlsruhe

THOSE IN LOVE LIVE IN FEAR, Einzelausstellung, Artdepot, Innsbruck

PLEASE DO TOUCH, Performance, Artdepot, Innsbruck

DIGITAL AUTISM, Performance, Morgen Contemporary Gallery, Berlin

PEACE NEVER SLEEPS, Einzelausstellung Morgen Contemporary Gallery, Berlin


PROTECTION, Performance, Guerilla Aktion Documenta 13, Kassel

BREATHING NOTHING, Performance, Isolationszelle, Kassel

BLINDED BY THE ART OF MONEY, Performance, Art Basel, Schweiz

PEACE NEVER SLEEPS, Documenta 13, Kassel

PLACES OF PROTECTION, Einzelausstellung Morgen Contemporary Gallery, Berlin

ANGEL OF LIGHT, Installation, Luminale Light + Building Messe, Frankfurt/ Main


ART ANGEL, Performance, Los Angeles, USA


WAR OF ART, Guerilla Performance, Art Basel Miami, USA

MR. BRAINWASH, Gruppenausstellung, Los Angeles, USA


ART PROTECTOR, Online Plattform, Frankfurt/Main

WHAT IS YOUR PLACE OF PROTECTION, digitales interaktives Kunstprojekt mit 54 performativen Einzelfilmen, Frankfurt/Main

ART PROTECTOR, Einzelausstellung, Frankfurt/Main


LOVE WARRIOR, Performance, Delhi, Indien

THE MASTER AND THE MUSE, Performance, Moskau, Russland


POETRY ON SKIN, Performance, Stamm der Himba, Namibia, Afrika


THINK TANK, Performance, New York, USA


POLICE SHIELDS, Performance (Eigenblutserie), Frankfurt/Main


THE METRA, Installation basierend auf dem Leitmotiv der Künstlerin (globale Schutzräume/Antithese, Uterusmetapher) Frankfurt/Main und Hong Kong, China


The LOVE HATE sculpture is an ambigram that can be read as a mirror image. On one side you read LOVE, when you look at the work in the mirror, you read HATE. The sculpture by German concept and performance artist Mia Florentine Weiss, which has been shown in over twenty cities, is a symbol for a change of perspective and is now one of the most photographed works of art in public spaces.

The LOVE HATE sculpture is undoubtedly the most powerful work in Mia Florentine Weiss’ oeuvre. With it, the artist has succeeded in condensing the hopes and fears of a time of dramatic social and political upheaval into a significant work that at the same time remains open to the personal views of its viewers. In this respect, it can be compared to its great American predecessor, the LOVE sculpture (1970) by Robert Indiana. With the simple yet complex design of the four letters in a neutral Times font, the American pop artist succeeded in expressing the attitude to life of an entire generation in the early 1970s, for whom the Beatles symbolically sang “All you need is love”. He was always concerned with the simplicity and clarity of his sign.

With her LOVE HATE sculpture, Mia Florentine Weiss has found another unmistakable symbol with which she simultaneously promotes commitment and change. The artist has been wearing her “two-word poem” branded in white ink on both of her wrists since its conceptual and artistic creation – a transformation of the artist and her work! It is to be hoped that this powerful symbol with its many facets of form and content will conquer the world just as Robert Indiana’s “one-word poem” once did.

Text by Dr. Bettina Ruhrberg, Mönchehaus Museum

The focus of Mia Florentine Weiss’s artistic work is the core question of human comfort: WHAT IS YOUR PLACE OF PROTECTION?(Video installation 2000-2016), which has been consistently running through her work since 1999. In her work, Weiss juxtaposes the extremes of human emotions. In her work, Weiss contrasts the extremes of human emotions. She works in the area of tension between object, art, and multimedia.

She seeks to transcend borders, always looking for unity and contradiction, which she symbolizes through the collapse of opposites, which can be seen in the sculptural ambigram LOVE HATE (1999). It not only stands for the Faustian nature that exists within us as humans, but gains a new meaning, 100 years after the end of the First World War, as an international symbol of peace striving to transform the current hatred of the world into love. As part of the Faust Festival Munich 2017, the so-called “one-word poem” was historically installed for over a year at the famous Siegestor Arch.

Since 2014 the artist has been traveling along the European borders and has documented the refugee crisis both on water and on land (EDGES OF EUROPE) with a taxidermied white horse (PEGASUS PROJECT 2015). The dialectic between heaven and earth, or utopia and reality, is symbolized by the Pegasus sculpture. The project was exhibited under the motto “Nature Meets Culture“ in the Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt am Main (ANTHROPOCENE 2016).

This type of seismographic work was also revealed in the neon installation NOW WON, a temporary installation in front of the Berlin Reichstag in 2017. After the group exhibition BREAKING NEWS at Museum Möncheberg in 2018, Weiss shifted her focus to Europe at the Crossroads. The exhibition KREUZWEG in the Nikolaikirche in Berlin – Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin – illustrates an oversized, deposited cross that is embedded on the earth of the 47 European countries: a cross becoming a crossroads. The exhibition was funded by the Capital Culture Fund of the City of Berlin.

The widespread campaign #LOVEUROPE began during the European elections in 2019 with the LOVE HATE sculpture at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, and then travelled across the continent supported by partners and supporters in various European cities, as well as in Moscow. The sculptures have come to represent a demographic unity between all people, and have been installed in prominent and historically important locations, such as the Monchehaus Museum in Goslar, the European Parliament, and Berlin’s East Side Gallery, to name a few.

With the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the work of art accompanied Germany’s EU Council Presidency, which began in July 2020 at the European Parliamentary building in Brussels.

The sculptures now take the transatlantic leap to the USA as a sign of a change of perspective and solidarity across cities and national borders.They will be appearing in Farragut Square in Washington DC in November 2022, followed by an exhibition at SXSW: South by Southwest in Austin in March 2022, and at The Nantucket Project in September.