Jiwon Song



Diplomstudium an der Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, Freie Kunst, Klasse von Prof. Pamela Rosenkranz

2007-2012 Bachelor-Studium an der Ewha Woman’s University, Malerei, Südkorea


2023 INTERPOLATIONS, AdBK München Jahresausstellung, München, Deutschland

2022 BLOOD OF A POET BAR, AdBK München Jahresausstellung, München, Deutschland

2019 Cheonbyeongpunggeong, Gruppenausstellung, 4Log art space, Seoul

2018 Private Showroom, Einzelausstellungsprojekt in einem Motel, Seoul


Science is the light that illuminates the world. Although modern times are considered the age of science, I wished that ghosts, monsters and creatures from ghost stories could exist. Inspired by the double-slit experiment and the second law of thermodynamics, which states that entropy always increases, I imagined that ghosts could behave in the form of a wave. Since they do not exist as particles, it is difficult for us to perceive them. But in special cases, we can vaguely sense the waves they create. When we tell a ghost story, the information creates a meaningful pattern, the entropy decreases, and we conjure a ghost corresponding to that energy from the pattern.

But two problems arise with this idea. First, “When you talk about ghosts, ghosts come to listen.” Then even ten corpses would not be enough for one ghost. Especially in summer, when it’s the season for horror movies, it can be difficult to dream of vacations. The work <Bikini Ghost> shows ghosts that always look similar – sad, covered in white fabric – enjoying the summer in colorful clothes. Wax, the basic material of the work, expresses the childish imagination that the freedom of ghosts begins after the candle, which appears as a cliché in the scene of ghost summoning, melts.

Secondly, what should we do with ghosts that were popular for a short time but were then forgotten? If they are no longer talked about, will they disappear like extinct animals? My works are an attempt to bring back those who have been forgotten. I bring back to this place the mysterious creatures that were once popular but are now not often mentioned through drawings and sculptures. My sculptures show strange looking furniture or objects in the series “Ghost-Furniture”. In this series, furniture and objects are altered with hands, feet and tentacles. This work is an attempt to create mutations by combining disused furniture with strange, forgotten beings such as ghosts, monsters and creepy creatures. This series began with the question: will these creatures that are no longer talked about disappear like extinct animals? I believe that these beings permeate abandoned furniture or objects, similar to the belief that ghosts live in old furniture. Although the transformed objects are no longer practical, ghosts and abandoned furniture become works of art, like mutants adapting to the world.