Daniele Dell´Eva



2013 – 2018
Diplom – Freie Kunst, Schwerpunkt Bildhauerei an der Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Karlsruhe bei Professor Stephan Balkenhol

2010 – 2013
Ausbildung zum Holzbildhauer an der Städtische Berufsfachschule für das Holzbildhauerhandwerk, München     


Ana Pusica & Daniele Dell’Eva Galerie Filser & Gräf, München

“The fragile Edge” Majolika Galerie in Karlsruhe
“Covid19 Diaries” Lovaas in München

“Uncommon Collection” TGB Art-Window in München
“Top-19 Meisterschüler” in der Sammlung der
Städtischen Galerie Karlsruhe

„GGGift“, Unterurban Projektraum in Berlin (solo)
„Nachts allein im Atelier #5“, Evelyn Drewes Galerie in Hamburg
„Ingredienti“, Luis Leu in Karlsruhe
„Bor.astat“, Offspace in Berlin

„Regionale 18 OOO Object Oriented Ontology“, Kunsthalle Basel
„Knotenpunkt 17“, Affenfaust Galerie in Hamburg
„Affordable Art Fair“, Evelyn Drewes Galerie in Hamburg
„171 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg“, Affenfaust Galerie in Hamburg
„Watchlist I/2017“, Evelyn Drewes Galerie in Hamburg (solo)

„Veni Vidi“, Evelyn Drewes Galerie in Hamburg
„Körper 2.0“, Wilhelm-Fabry-Museum in Hilden
„Des Freundes Neue Kleider“, Villa Gellertstraße Offspace in Karlsruhe

„Bes3tzt“, Ciao Studierenden Gelerie auf Zeit in Karlsruhe
„Muggesturm am Müggelsee“, Galerie alte Schule in Berlin

Schöne neue Welt“, POLY Produzentengalerie in Karlsruhe


“My sculptures are created without a model or template. They are not to be understood as portraits, but rather the product of my thoughts. They arise from the naive thought that it makes sense to produce a face or a human form, as our bodies are closest to us and are immediately perceived by everyone as accessible and understandable. Through the material and the various production processes, they take on different degrees of accuracy of the human form or move away from the actual form again.

For me, sculpture is strongly linked to materiality. It is always located in real space and is very close to the production process. That is why molds and the traces of hands and tools remain.

Color and pigments are used to highlight and capture gestures in the sculpture.

My works often have a mystical character. I use mystical and archaic forms to create a certain mood that I find in trap, techno music or romantic paintings (such as those by Gustave Doré) and these blend with my own world.”

Daniele Dell’Eva